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Using Text Analytics to Analyze Customer Feedback

If your company is using open-ended survey questions in an effort to maintain a competitive edge, you may be surprised to learn there are ways that you can manage your unstructured data in such a way that it will allow your company to maximize its business value. While most everyone agrees that open-ended questions allow companies to better understand their customers’ experience, analyzing those insights, and coming up with the “why” behind the responses can be a challenge. If you can imagine collecting five thousand client surveys and then trying to categorize......

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How to Use Data Analytics to Increase Your Small Business ROI

Every business wants to maximize profits, but if you’re not using data analytics as a means of helping to boost your ROI, you should be. Business leaders throughout the globe agree that sales teams need to evolve if they want to remain competitive. And while managers agree that investing money in things like sales training and technology are important, because they understand the importance of responding to artificial intelligence and automation, they may not realize that they should also be evaluating existing data sets. The bottom line is simple- when data analytics......

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Business Intelligence for the Manufacturing Sector

The rapid gains that have been made in Big Data and business analytics are helping to fuel a new era within the manufacturing sector. When BI is harnessed and used properly, it can allow provide you with grater insight to your supply chain. Not only will you have greater visibility from the top floor of your office, BI can also help you better understand what’s working and what’s not working on the shop floor. If you were asked to compile a list of the most data-intensive industries on the planet, manufacturing would......

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How Big Data Can Benefit Your Organization

Like it or not, Big Data is here to stay.  If your business isn’t taking advantage of it, you’re missing out on lucrative growth opportunities. If you don’t know what Big Data is, well, maybe we should start there. Big Data defined If you were to combine all the tools and processes that are related to managing and utilizing your data sets, that combo would be known as Big Data. The concept was born out of a widespread need for businesses, just like yours, to understand patterns, preferences and trends in the......

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The disciplines of big data and analytics are evolving so quickly that businesses should invest in them. Business Intelligence is expected to perform well operationally, meet governance standards, and fulfill promises of business value to the company. These trends have driven the migration of companies into big data and analytics and also brought changes to the analytics industry itself. Below are 8 trends observed in the period of 2015- 2017: Self-service analytics Gartner describes self-service analytics as: “Self-Service Analytics is a form of business intelligence (BI) in which line-of-business professionals are enabled......

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The most important asset to ensure survival and success in today’s marketplace is data. Business Intelligence converts this raw data into actionable information. The internet, deregulation, increased competition, consolidation and convergence of insurance services with other financial services have changed the structure of the insurance industry. This has greatly increased the need to implement business intelligence tools within insurance companies. BI refers to collecting, analyzing, presenting and disseminating business data. In an insurance company, this would be data sourced from Sales, Claims, Marketing and Premiums etc. BI tools ensure that data from......

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