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Business Intelligence for the Manufacturing Sector

The rapid gains that have been made in Big Data and business analytics are helping to fuel a new era within the manufacturing sector. When BI is harnessed and used properly, it can allow provide you with grater insight to your supply chain. Not only will you have greater visibility from the top floor of your office, BI can also help you better understand what’s working and what’s not working on the shop floor. If you were asked to compile a list of the most data-intensive industries on the planet, manufacturing would......

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Why Your Company Needs a Data Warehouse

If you’re not someone who is fully up to speed on why a data warehouse is important, we wanted to take a few paragraphs to help walk you through it. The term data warehouse gets thrown around a lot these days. It’s a hot topic within industry newsletters. You may have read it online. In some cases, you may have heard your employees and colleagues discussing it. If you’re among those who have little understanding of what the term means, you’re not alone. Understanding what a data warehouse is To put it......

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data analytics

Analytics is a wave from the future. Terms like Business Intelligence and Big Data are becoming as common as “supply”, “market analysis” etc. Clearly, analytics is here to stay and you/your company should join the bandwagon- if you haven’t yet. Wikipedia defines analytics as, “The discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data.” Further definitions state, “Analytics is the systematic computational analysis of data.” When it comes to best practices when starting or growing a business, analytics will soon be added to the list in conjunction with “understanding your customers”. In......

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The implementation of Business Intelligence by a company is one that is exciting and difficult. It must be approached with utmost care and given the highest possible consideration. A lot can go wrong but to understand BI implementation here are the steps taken to integrate a BI system, which may vary depending on the needs of the clients, but the main parameters that are common across the board are: Analytics requirements This determines the needs for the BI system to be implemented. The tools and services which are necessary to achieve the......

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Data Storytelling

Story telling with data is how to communicate effectively with data using data visualization. In most cases, organizations recognize that being a successful, data-driven company requires skilled developers and analysts. Data is always remembered only when presented in the right way; slides, spreadsheet or graphs may not be the right way but a story is always the right way. Story Telling Entails: Understanding the importance of context and audience. Determine the appropriate type of graph to use in your situation. Direct your audience to the most important part of your data. Think......

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