Using Text Analytics to Analyze Customer Feedback

Using Text Analytics to Analyze Customer Feedback

If your company is using open-ended survey questions in an effort to maintain a competitive edge, you may be surprised to learn there are ways that you can manage your unstructured data in such a way that it will allow your company to maximize its business value.

While most everyone agrees that open-ended questions allow companies to better understand their customers’ experience, analyzing those insights, and coming up with the “why” behind the responses can be a challenge.

If you can imagine collecting five thousand client surveys and then trying to categorize it in such a way that would allow your company to fully internalize that data, well, it would be like being handed a novel and being asked to categorize it sentence by sentence.

This is where text analytics comes in

With the right text analytics program, your company will be able to better understand how you’re performing in areas such as service reliability, wait times and cost. The right text analytics program can also help extrapolate data about whether your software has bugs, if your business process is confusing or a bit too laborious and whether there are design flaws in your products.

All of this information is valuable for all of the obvious reasons.

The bottom line is simple: when you integrate text analytics software with your customer experience management platform you can discover some of the hidden causes of your customers’ behavior.

The key in all of this is having access to the right text analytics tool.

When you work with Pathways International you’ll be working with a company that understands that customer feedback can be one of your greatest gifts—provided you know how to extrapolate meaningful data from an unstructured data set.

Our team is dedicated to helping our clients capture, understand and monetize their data in ways that allows their business processes to run more smoothly, because when data is used effectively, it can help your company increase its revenue.

Data experts

At Pathways International we provide a number of services to our clients, and those services are tailored to their individual needs. If you have questions about how text analytics can help improve your customers’ experience and increase your bottom line, call our office today at 720-662-7454 to learn more. Or, if you’d prefer to contact us by email, we can be reached at info@pathwaysinternational.com.

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