How to Use Data Analytics to Increase Your Small Business ROI

Every business wants to maximize profits, but if you’re not using data analytics as a means of helping to boost your ROI, you should be. Business leaders throughout the globe agree that sales teams need to evolve if they want to remain competitive. And while managers agree that investing money in things like sales training and technology are important, because they understand the importance of responding to artificial intelligence and automation, they may not realize that they should also be evaluating existing data sets. The bottom line is simple- when data analytics......

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DIY Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is an all-encompassing term that refers to all activities and best practices necessary for a business to turn data into actionable knowledge. BI includes-primarily- data warehousing, analytics, reporting and visualization. Data warehousing is the collating of integrated disparate data sources into one centralized repository. Analytics is the systematic exploration of your company’s data, within the data warehouse. Or to put it in simpler terms, figuring out what you know, don’t know and need to know within the scope of your company’s existence. The main aim of business intelligence is to......

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data analytics

Analytics is a wave from the future. Terms like Business Intelligence and Big Data are becoming as common as “supply”, “market analysis” etc. Clearly, analytics is here to stay and you/your company should join the bandwagon- if you haven’t yet. Wikipedia defines analytics as, “The discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data.” Further definitions state, “Analytics is the systematic computational analysis of data.” When it comes to best practices when starting or growing a business, analytics will soon be added to the list in conjunction with “understanding your customers”. In......

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