Business Intelligence & Analytics

Take your data to the next level. Our Business Intelligence department uses the best tech in the industry to transform your data. Combine your data sources to allow users at all levels to make informed decisions. Moreover, create a single source of truth to drive your mission goals. Ultimately, Pathways will create custom-built business intelligence solutions to fit your organization’s needs.

Take Your Business to the next level

Pathways International will strive to make data your company’s greatest asset.

Analyze Your Data

Pathways uses a host of industry-proven methods to extract meaning from your data. Whether your company requires automated report generating or optimization of current operations, our team can create the correct analytics solution for your business. In other words, every new set of data presents a puzzle with a unique solution. Pathways will determine the best solution for you.

Business Intelligence Life Cycle

Disconnected data sources are useless. Therefore, put your data to work by streamlining it into a single system. Pathways will extract, transform, and load your data into one functional data warehouse. Once unified, the possibilities for your data are endless. We will efficiently prepare your data for analysis by transforming it into multidimensional data marts tailored to your company’s needs. Furthermore, our systems will update your reports as your new data is imported to ensure that your business can make the most informed decisions at any moment.


Our team of experts create simple and effective tools to determine your organization’s pain points and their solutions. Because they use an iterative design process, you can rest assured you are receiving the optimal solutions for your company’s needs.


We combine all your data from separate different sources into one repository in readiness for the reporting process


This is a repository where a organisation can access data across the entire establishment


This is the methodical exploration of an organization’s data


This is the generation of desired reports from the organization’s current system

Why BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE is Beneficial to Your Business?

Information Integration

Data tends to be spread around, trapped in various silos. BI assists in putting it all together for easier reference

Boost Productivity

With a BI program, you can pull data and create reports at the click of a button thus freeing up time and resources allowing employees to be more productive on their own tasks

Real-Time Decision making

Business intelligence provides a unified view of operations for managers in order to identify opportunities for growth

Predictive Analytics

BI can boost your ability to analyze current consumer buying trends and develop products that match the current consumer market

Data Visualization

BI provides instant insight, what executives, salespeople and business users demand

Increased Visibility

BI can improve the visibility of your processes and make it possible to identify any areas that need improvement