Database Management & Administration

Database Management and Administration is complex, repetitive, and requires significant experience to ensure your data always ends up in the right place. At Pathways International, we have experience with various source and OLTP systems. Whether your company wants open-source solutions or is looking to make a significant investment in your data, Pathways International will find the best system to suit your needs.

Generate Your Data

How is your data generated? Let Pathways International cut down employee time wasted on data entry. We can help you automate and streamline your systems for seamless data uploads. The faster your data is online, the quicker you can put it to use.

Data Storage

Whether your data is in a single Excel spreadsheet or spread across multiple servers, Pathways International will consolidate your data into a single source of truth. We can combine your data into a system that works best for your company, whether that is using cloud storage or setting up a local server on your own machines. We have experience with various data warehouse systems at all price points, from open source databases such as MySQL to cloud hosting on MS Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Extract, Transform & Load

After your data is properly stored, in order to use it you must know what data is useful. Pathways International will create data marts related to your specific business questions and needs, cutting out irrelevant data to speed up analysis.

Need Help Managing
Your Data?

We are here to help.