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Why You Need BI Even With An ERP System

Often the question asked when it comes to the implementation of Business Intelligence solutions is, “Why do I need BI if I have an ERP system in place?” Here’s why; Definitions of ERP and BI ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) combines the multiple systems in different departments within an organization into a single integrated software program that runs out of a single database. One integrated software is then divided into software modules that run a replica of their standalone counterparts. Gartner says, “ERP tools share a common process, data model, covering board and......

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A data model that is well-designed is the foundation to creating business intelligence and data warehouse applications that result to a significant business value. It is the key to success in Business Intelligence (BI). It is paramount that the process is business-centered. It starts with the clear understanding of the business, its purposes, and how the data will be used to support the business. Effective data modeling results in transforming data into an enterprise information resource that is rational, far-reaching and present. Data is transformed from operational or source systems into a......

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