Pathways International & Jose Almeida Announces Partnership

Pathways International & Jose Almeida Announces Partnership

East Africa Digital Transformation

Pathways International and Jose Almeida announce a partnership to deliver an end-to-end approach to the digital transformation challenges in the East African market. Pathways International, a business-focused tech company and provider of solutions to help organizations better manage their data and allow governing parties to use this data in their decision-making process, and Jose Almeida, experienced data consultant, are partnering to offer the East African market an end-to-end approach to the digital transformation from a data-driven perspective, to enable a seamless data journey and transition. Especially in the present context, being data-driven has become an essential condition for any organization to thrive in a more complex and fast-changing business ecosystem. Organizations falling behind in this transformation see their data-driven competitors seize market share and move into their customer base.


The purpose of this partnership is to help organizations to enable their data capabilities, to empower their employees, to democratize innovation, to gain a competitive edge, to allow more educated and real-time decision making, to save or reduce costs, or to assist in up-sales and cross-sales, to create new value, and to deliver improved business performance. Understanding that becoming a data-driven organization and building a data culture is a difficult and long process, and that deriving value from the investment needed to become data-driven is a challenge, for organizations locked in legacy data environments, business processes, skill sets, and change-resistant cultures.

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