BI: Traditional Reporting vs Interactive Dashboards

BI: Traditional Reporting vs Interactive Dashboards

In the very changing world of data, most business are still struggling to manage it. If you can’t manage your data, it’s impossible to evaluate.

If your office is living in the world of .xls spreadsheets and SQL, finding a way to marry the pair make your data management infinitely easier.

A dashboard for your office

When you’re in your car, your dashboard tells you a lot. You’ll know how much gas you have, when you need to get your next oil change, how fast you’re driving, your average miles per gallon and you can even see how many miles you’ve put on your car since you purchased it. If a warning light goes on, it’s your car’s way of telling you that something important needs to be addressed.

A good business dashboard will, in some ways, be similar to your car’s board, because it will provide you a number of easy-to-read, meaningful insights all in one place.

But remember, not all dashboards are equal. If the dashboard isn’t easy to read or you find it’s too busy and complex, the meaningful insights you were hoping to get are going to get lost.

Common visual elements

Map charts, column and bar charts, pie and donut charts and speedometers / gauges are all common components of business intelligent dashboards. What you use on yours will all depend on the needs of your organization. Remember: a BI dashboard that works well for company A may not be useful for company B.

How can I get a BI dashboard?

This is a question that we’re asked a lot, and while eyes, you can do some research on Google to figure out what your options are, one of the most effective ways to get a custom BI dashboard is to work with a data analytics company.

At Pathways International we’ve compiled a team of data management experts who have developed more than 200 award-winning BI solutions for clients across the globe. Regardless as to the size of your company or the industry you’re involved in, we can help you understand how to best use technology to make your organization run more efficiently.

For more information on how Pathways International can help you harness the power that’s inside your data, call us today at 720-66-7454. Or, if you’d prefer to contact us by email we can be reached at info@pathwaysinternational.com .

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