Pathways International Sacco- BI Goes Live at Kenya Bankers’ Sacco Ltd

Pathways International Sacco- BI Goes Live at Kenya Bankers’ Sacco Ltd

Press Release:

It is indisputable that Data is no longer just a competitive advantage, it is critical to the health – and often the survival – of an organization. In recognition of this, Kenya Bankers’ Sacco Ltd ( https://kenyabankers.coop ), a Savings & Credit Co-operative Society that draws membership from employees in the banking industry and lately the general public, launched its digital transformation journey by choosing Pathways Sacco-BI as its management reporting and business data management platform.


Pathways Sacco-BI aggregates data from Sacco’s source systems, performs the ETL process, and stores that data in tables in a reporting layer ready for the analytics, visualization, and reporting. The product provides a reporting and data-guided decision-making framework for Sacco, to streamline business processes, empower employees, provide better member service and improve business performance.


Kenya Bankers’ Sacco went live on the system during the first week of March 2021, and this marks its commencement of the digital transformation journey in Sacco. This development sets stage for the Sacco to progress along the digital transformation maturity model, where insights from the analytics process will be used to develop business uses cases for the creation of new value and to drive member engagement and experience. Pathways International Ltd congratulates Kenya Bankers’ Sacco for taking the decision to embrace data and pursue the benefits of the new post-industrial opportunity presented by data.


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