How Data Automation Will Impact the Insurance Industry

How Data Automation Will Impact the Insurance Industry

Data automation is having a big impact across all industries.

Manufacturers are using Big Data to help improve their yields, the pharmaceutical industry is using big data to increase productivity and businesses are using data automation to help with things such as automated ordering and client analytics.

It shouldn’t be at all surprising that the insurance industry stands to benefit from data automation, as well.


Tangible impact

Experts believe there are several key ways in which data automation will impact the insurance industry.

First, the use of technology can help with things such as supply monitoring and data entry.

It can also help speed up the claims process, by making it faster and more efficient. As time goes on, human oversight will only be needed to assist with things like correcting inconsistencies.

It’s further speculated that there will be an increased need for electronic data processing coverage, which may lead to new sales opportunities.


Increasing compliance

Anyone who works in insurance knows a thing or two about government compliance and privacy regulations. The laws change frequently, and it can be hard to keep up.

Changes in the law can also have an enormous impact on day-to-day operating procedures and business processes. In some cases, business rules need to be modified to ensure they remain compliant.

When insurance firms begin to take advantage of data automation, more cases can be processed in real time, which can help reduce work backlogs. Not only can this help reduce over-time costs, but data automation also allows you to be better prepared for an external audit.


What you can do

Technology and data automation are fast-moving fields. As such, you’ll want to take some time to educate both yourself and your team with regard to current trends within the insurance industry. Take note of best practices and make sure your staff is familiar with basic types of automation applications.

Second, you’ll want to take some time to evaluate your current workflows.

Are there places where you feel that data automation could help streamline applications? If implemented properly, data automation could help you provide better and, in some cases, instant service to your clients.

Imagine the possibilities that come with being able to assist your customers during both standard and non-standard business hours.


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The bottom line is this—data can make the work we do more efficient.

When insurance companies begin to take advantage of advancements in artificial intelligence, they’ll be able to use it to assist with low-level claims processing and in some cases, it will be able to help with underwriting.

It’s also worth noting that one of the biggest costs an insurer has is related to workforce costs—when a company shifts toward data automation, they’re likely to experience a significant reduction in payroll spending.

For more information about how data automation is impacting the insurance industry, or to learn how data automation can help streamline processes in your office.

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