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COVID-19 in Africa

COVID-19 in Africa

by Gideon Aswani

COVID-19 pandemic has altered life as we know it, we are learning new ways to cope with the new normal each new day. To move past this pandemic, we are all being asked to come together as humanity to find solutions that can help us work towards controlling and ending the fast-spreading pandemic.

Pathways International is a Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics firm that focuses on leveraging data to develop solutions for real-world problems.Join us in this Webinar as our CEO for Africa – Mr. Gideon Aswani explores How Data Analytics and AI can Drive Decision Making in this era.


In this webinar we will cover the following:


1. How data can be used for contact tracing and focusing on interventions
2. How to ‘use data analytics results to effect change’
3. Why and how Cognitive Technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) can ramp up initiatives deployment at scale
4. How AI-based non-human triggers outdo people in Covid-19 spread prediction
5. Why ‘translation has to be the focus’ of AI
6. How AI delivers lower cost per user in the fight against Covid-19
7. User data privacy, governance, and management amid mass risk assessments of Covid-19 infections.


This Webinar is intended for; General public, Government agencies, Health professionals, Data analyst, Data science professionals, Application developers, Stakeholders in the fight against Covid-19 and Business leaders.