COVID-19 Virtual Assistant Chat Bot for Africa

Pathways International lanches a COVID-19 Virtual Assistant Chat Bot for Africa: Creating awareness through Data and Analytics

April 3, 2020

A collaborative partnership between Pathways International and DiaspoCare has led to the creation of a software application designed to help people in Africa to have awareness and protect themselves from the health risks related to the Coronavirus (COVID–19).


This interactive virtual assistant chat bot called “Simba” uses Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to understand end-user inputs, assess risk levels and provide recommended actions, by leveraging the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Knowledge Base and guidelines and, Microsoft Azure Cloud Analytics.


The service, https://bit.ly/2X14V9e, is available Africa-wide and is initially launched in English but will be available in additional local languages within the coming weeks. Speech recognition will also be integrated into the service.


Pathways International (https://www.pathwaysinternational.com) is a Colorado, USA based company with Africa offices in Nairobi, Kenya. The company specializes in Business Intelligence (BI), Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions.


DiaspoCare (https://diaspocare.com) is a Minnesota, USA based social enterprise healthcare startup whose mission is to increase access to affordable, quality medication and healthcare services for millions of Africans through technology and advocacy. DiaspoCare is currently piloting its healthcare financing digital platform in Ghana and Kenya.

For more information, please contact:

Gideon Aswani
Managing Partner & Africa CEO
Pathways International

Peter Kamunyu
Business Development Lead, Kenya
DiaspoCare, LLC