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Pathways International offers businesses a comprehensive and FREE Technology Assessment. Get expert insight into your technology with a true industry leader. 

Free Technical Assessment

Data and information technology can accelerate your competitive advantage – but only if they’re working for you and not holding you back. An analysis of your tech strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) will illuminate where to invest for maximum value – and where not to spend on fancy tech that doesn’t move you forward.

Our SWOT assessment is a client-centered, business-focused analysis of your current situation and future potential.  We’ll review your business, spend 2-3 hours speaking with your staff, and within 48 hours will provide a one-hour briefing of our findings and recommendations.  No cost or strings attached.

Why Pathways Application Software Development?

Engineering & Development

Our expert agile developers produce flawless end-to-end applications and integrations. Developers will work with your team to scope, map, design, integrate, and test applications. Our developers are skilled in building custom solutions specifically designed to meet your requirement.

Make Your Business a Success

Software and Application Development & Integration is the backbone to any successful organization. Create the tools your company needs to succeed.

Legacy Systems

Many customers use Pathways to help them extend the life or their critical legacy production systems or to rewrite them onto modern technologies. Pathways can help you decide which is the right strategy for your legacy system and then execute the project.

Application Maintenance

Pathways can help you manage the queue of enhancements and bug fixes for your production application. SCRUM or Kanban are common lifecycles to manage maintenance work since it they are better suited to a flow of work rather than a defined scope.


There are many companies that can knock out quick and dirty prototypes.

Pathways is not well suited for that kind of project. Through our skilled staff, we can provide a quality program while on time and on budget.

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