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Staff Augmentation
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Staff Augmentation Services

Team augmentation is a buzzword on the IT job market that is attracting global attention and businesses to hire remotely. It makes a good sense to hire third-party contractors that possess various skills to help your client’s businesses. These staff augmentation services are flexible and fit well to your needs and then put away. You will get highly skilled and experienced developers to enable you to deliver exceptional service according to your client’s requirements. You are also free from managing employee working environments and appraisals of such project-related resources.

What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is a staffing strategy aimed at flexibly and quickly expanding your team. Through a provider, you can add talent to your team on demand. Often the talent works remotely or even in other countries. It can be used to fill short-term and long-term positions.

These new team members are employed by the provider. As a result, the provider manages the recruitment process and carries the legal and administrative burden of hiring the staff. In addition, the provider makes sure the client has continuous and flexible access to the required talent.

Staff augmentation is typically popular in the IT sector. On the one hand because it is often difficult to find qualified staff locally. And on the other hand because software development lends itself very well for remote work.

What Are The Benefits of Staff Augmentation?

The entire development process have an intensive phase where a considerable number of engineers are needed, and the product is delivered for a full-time team. With IT team augmentation, you will have to pay only for the specific work you’re required to allocate the team and choose a give away to the third party. With staff augmentation, you will save a lot of time and money as well.


Stay on top of things

If you are adopting staff augmentation, then you are on top of things and total control over the critical work that gets delegated to everyday tasks. With such management, you can be assured your processes will operate at higher efficiency of staff augmentation, which would exist with full-blown outsourcing.

High Productivity Level
IT team augmentation increases your level of productivity because it focuses on a single project and in contrast to a project outsourcing team that is manageable. The entire team works for one client, so the dedication and motivation towards work levels up.

Why Use Staff Augmentation Services?

If your organization is facing an immediate massive project, staff augmentation can help you scale your current teams with the right talent in just a matter of days. Overall, your organization can achieve this without resorting to the hassle of hiring, onboarding, and training new staff. At the same time, it also applies to organizations whose employees in critical positions have announced that they are leaving or on extended leave and are looking for skilled staff to fill in the gaps.

What reasons lead you to consider staff augmentation?

  • In case of a project-based requirement, you would waste a lot of time and money hiring full-time employees
  • If you think that your current staff augmentation talent is right for you, you would most likely be able to replace your current candidate with another in a short period. However, if you let go of a full-time employee, you may not be able to hire the right person for the job immediately.
  • If your team is inundated with projects, hiring a full-time employee might take too long, especially if you are pressed for time and skilled people.

Who Needs Staff Augmentation?

  • Enterprises that are not looking to hire a full-time workforce but want to improve their existing teams with dedicated experts with the right skillset for specific projects.
  • Enterprises that want to hire experts quickly, without wasting the same amount of time needed to employ a full-time employee.
  • Enterprises that want to minimize the business overhead cost that comes with maintaining employees for occasional projects.

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