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Pathways International offers businesses a comprehensive and FREE Technology Assessment. Get expert insight into your technology with a true industry leader.

Free Technical Assessment

Data and information technology can accelerate your competitive advantage – but only if they’re working for you and not holding you back. An analysis of your tech strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) will illuminate where to invest for maximum value – and where not to spend on fancy tech that doesn’t move you forward.

Our SWOT assessment is a client-centered, business-focused analysis of your current situation and future potential.  We’ll review your business, spend 2-3 hours speaking with your staff, and within 48 hours will provide a one-hour briefing of our findings and recommendations.  No cost or strings attached.

Pathways Consulting Services

Pathways Fractional CIO Services

Pathways Fractional CIO offers companies like yours strategic leadership to guide your IT needs and decisions. Leveraging technology across an organization requires IT have an executive-level presence.


Our Fractional CIO services provide a technical resource with solid business chops to assist with budgeting, growth planning, risk management, business continuity & disaster planning and talent management strategies.

Business Process Optimization

Here at Pathways we keeping your business efficient and running smoothly. Your technology should support your business processes, not the other way around.


Our Business and IT Processes Optimization services can help map processes to technology, identify gaps between the two, and manage the changes required to bring IT and business processes into alignment.


Our IT consulting team is ready to support your network and infrastructure needs. We specialize in supporting internal IT teams with specialized skillets and large-scale projects.

Microsoft Gold Partner

From server and network projects to cloud server migration and Office 365 implementations, our IT consulting team is ready to support your network and infrastructure needs. SharePoint is a powerful business tool included with Office 365.


We can help you use Microsoft’s SharePoint platform to organize your documents and automate business processes so you can do more with less.

We’re a bridge

Pathways is the very best at aligning your technology with your business operations.

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