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Modern Workplace Case Studies

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics allows organizations access to information that is critical to the success of multiple areas including sales, finance, marketing & human resource, just to name a few.


Effectively leveraging BI will empower your business with increased actionable data, provide great insights into industry trends, and facilitate a more strategically geared decision-making model.


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With so many patients to help every day, coordination between staff can be a major challenge. When a small healthcare company approached Pathways for a solution, we recommended installing Microsoft Office 365. Office 365 improves the flow of information and decision-making across different teams and keeps patients prioritized. Considering all the data privacy laws, Microsoft provides a secure and compliant solution that is easy to use in a fast-paced environment.


By modernizing your workspace with Office 365, you can transcend a traditional intranet by taking advantage of the full suite of modern Microsoft communication, collaboration, and productivity tools. With OneDrive and SharePoint, employees across the company can store and coauthor documents in the cloud, access company information in a unified location, and connect with colleagues globally and securely. The results depict a significant acceleration in the sharing of vital information about new research and technologies.


The finance industry has been experiencing so many changes as it moves away from the traditional brick-and-mortar style and shifts to the digital world. Many doing so are embracing a cloud environment which enables remote access on multiple devices, real-time collaboration, and a ton of cost savings. Plus, with identity management, multiple device management, and other tools, it’s easy to remain secure and compliant with industry requirements such as SEC and FINRA.

Education / Medical

In preparation for a surge in COVID-19 cases, a major metropolitan university/teaching hospital system needed to update its contact center. On-site Pathways technicians arranged a command center and phones in the outside triage areas. Another technician assisted hospital staff to enable remote working and remote call forwarding. With the installation of these new technologies, this enterprise was able to thrive during a demanding pandemic thanks to Pathways International.


A large insurance underwriter in the Midwest is an essential business and could not shut down during the pandemic. To protect employees, the company wanted to allow 300 call center agents to work remotely. Because of the nature of the business, the company did not have a remote working model in place but rather an extremely secure premise-based system, which we had installed and continue to maintain. The company contacted us for an immediate solution. Within 48 hours, we were able to quote and process 300 softphone licenses and had our technicians install the system remotely. We also provided remote training for the agents in addition to all project management for the new system.


A large pharmaceutical company had been working around the clock to produce COVID-19 tests. The company produced two million tests in just three weeks. But as the pandemic worsened and spread, the company had to enable remote working for 100 of its engineers. They called Pathways. We were able to implement a home-agent solution and reprogram their UC from a premise-based model to a remote model.